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Adolphe Rousseau (F)Fragrant (Early Mid) Time of Bloom: Early Mid-season(Dessert & Mechin) Hybridizer
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Adolphe Rousseau
For over a hundred years this fine purple red peony has been very popular, very widely grown and very well regarded as a great cut flower and garden specimen; the color is deep and lustrous, moreso than in the photo here; some yellow stamens may show between the petals; strong stems with foliage tinged red in fall; a feast for the eyes, but perhaps not for the nose. $20.00

Alexander Woollcott (E)(Saunders)
Alexander Woollcott
Probably no other red peony matches the warm, glowing cardinal red of this treasure; maintains its intense color throughout the bloom; cup-shaped semi-double will be a robust bloomer in your garden; 24 inches or more; outstanding in every respect, rarely available. $75.00 SOLD OUT
Alice Crousse (VF)(M)(Calot) 1872
Alice Crousse
Rare and choice; large rose form blush starts with a pale pink cast and fades to white, while crown retains light pink; center petals are edged with crimson; an incomparable classic beauty with fragrance to match; height to 36 inches; robust grower and prolific bloomer. $36.00 SOLD OUT
Amabilis (VFR)(L)(Calot)
A large fuchsia pink double with wide guard petals and a fuffly center; petaloids of paler pink are interspersed with the others in the center; about 33 inches tall; one of the last to bloom. $18.00 SOLD OUT

Amalia Olson (VF)(M)(Olson 1959)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Amalia Olson
Amalia Olson has received the 2011 Gold Medal from the American Peony Society and achieved Peony of the Year in 2012 not only for its pure white beauty and charm, but for over half of century of superior performance; the medium to large flowers have very strong stems, heavy substance, sublime fragrance, and stand up to wet weather with petals that drain rainwater away; one of the finest peonies for any purpose: for the border, for cutting or for exhibition; lasts well when cut. $30.00
America (F)(E)(Rudolph/ Roy Klehm)
Magnificent: big showy red single, slightly ruffled, with golden centers and a mild fragrance; a mature plant is loaded with an abundance with rich, glowing red blooms standing high above the foliage; excellent stature, needs no support. $24.00
Angel Cheeks (VF)(M)(Klehm)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Angel Cheeks
Soft cameo pink double bomb with flaring guard petals; some of the petals have deeper pink highlights and hairline red edges. $24.00
Ann Cousins (VF)(L)(Cousins)
Ann Cousins
This pure white double get blooms up to 10 inches; a heavy, flat flower packed with petals and a delicious, old rose fragrance; will need support but well worth the effort. $24.00 SOLD OUT
Archangel (E)(Saunders) 1950
Emerging very early in spring, this gigantic macrophylla hybrid, with its wide spinach-like green leaves, forms a spectacular plant gorgeous in the garden thoughout the season and into fall; about 4 to 5 ft. wide by 34 inches tall; Large buds open into immense single flowers of pure white showing off a tuft of golden staminodes in the center that surrounds carpels with red stigmas. Rare. $45.00 SOLD OUT
Auten's Pride (VFR)(L)(Auten)
Auten's Pride
Large rose-form pastel pink double with subtle lavender pink highlights; a lovely variety to compliment your other later blooming peonies; medium height, stiff stems; intense old rose fragrance. $24.00
Barbara (L M through L)(Poland, circa 1986)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Little is known about the origins of this peony, but it has all the attributes we like: a very desirable shade of deep pink even more dazzling in an arrangement; weeks and weeks of flowering; and a luscious mass of tightly curled inner petals centered on a wide fan of well built guards; height 30 inches or more $24.00
Bartzella (M)(Roger Anderson) (Intersectional)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
A strong plant of symmetrical form supporting large semi-double lemon yellow flowers with a lemon fragrance. Blooms to 9 inches or more on established plants. $72.00

Bashful Pink (F)(M)(Roy G. Klehm 2000)
Bashful Pink
An easy growing light pink double with some stamens showing through the crown; forms a tidy plant 26 to 28 inches in height with strong stems. $20.00 SOLD OUT
Belleville (ML) (H. Wolfe/Hollingsworth) 1998
A large light crimson (or light purple) of anemone form; the center petals become pale, while the carpels in the center of the flower become a contrasting darker purple; strong, tall grower (34 to 40 inches) with heavy flowers that will benefit from support. $00.00 SOLD OUT
Bessie (VF)(L)(Krekler)
Light silvery pink double with even more silvery highlights as the blooms mature; the large flat blossoms are sweetly fragrant and dense with wide, round petals; deep green foliage with stems to 26 inches, forming a tidy mound. $28.00 SOLD OUT
Big Ben (VF)(M to L)(Auten)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Big Ben
Rich dark garnet red double with wide guard petals; blooms have heavy substance and intense fragrance; plant height to 48" and even with its stiff stems will likely need staking. $22.00

Blaze (E) (Fay)
Large, fiery scarlet red with two rows of rounded petals and a center of bright, sunny yellow stamens; plant height to about 30 inches; great vigor. $20.00

Blush Queen F)(M)(Hoogendorn Holland 1949)
Blush Queen
Double blooms get to 8 inches wide on strong plants that stand up well to weather; the buds have a pink glow, but the large blooms are basically creamy white with a vivid old rose cast to some of the central and outer petals; rarely available in the US; side blooms extend the season; a spectacular garden plant good also for cut flowers at home. $26.00 SOLD OUT
Bowl Of Beauty (F)(M-L)(Hoogendoorn)
Bowl Of Beauty
A big, showy pink Japanese variety much in demand; flowers can reach 10 inches on a mature plant; fuchsine rose guard petals surround a mound of creamy staminodes; sometimes pink petaloids in center are so profuse, the peony looks like a full double; always outstanding. $22.00
Bowl Of Cream (M) (Klehm)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Bowl Of Cream
Creamy white bowl-shaped double flowers that can measure 9-1/2" across! Hidden golden stamens; strong stems and outstanding deep green foliage, with strong stems to 32" in height. $22.00
Bric A Brac (F)(M)(Krekler/Roy Klehm)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Bric A Brac
Cream, white and rose dahlia style blooms; three to four buds per stem; strong stems to 24 inches; a slight fragrance; peony with a different attitude, that's for sure. $24.00
Bridal Shower (F)(M)(Klehm)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Bridal Shower
Ivory white double bomb framed by wide, white guard petals; graceful and elegant form; vigorous growth with strong stems 34" in height, $24.00

Buckeye Belle (E)(Mains)
Buckeye Belle
Very early dark maroon semi-double; large flowers with heavy substance; the combination of large outer petals surrounding narrow center petals adds depth to the bloom; plant height 18" to 24". $20.00
Burma Ruby (F)(E)(Glasscock)
Burma Ruby
Bright red single, an APS Gold Medal winner decades ago, is still considered one of best reds ; large tuft of red stamens edged in gold; an abundance of blooms for a long period of time; medium height, strong stems need no staking; as for fragrance, mild to none. $30.00 SOLD OUT
Butter Bowl (M)(Rosenfield)
Butter Bowl
A delightful pink Japanese peony with a buttery yellow center set inside a wide fan of rose-pink petals, which fade gradually to shell pink; vigorous, upright grower; plant height to about 36". $18.00
Candy Stripe (M)(Anderson) 1981
Candy Stripe
White double with red stripes in pleasing peppermint candy combination and not just blotches; a tall, vigorous plant that looks good and blooms well even in the most difficult seasons; height 36” to 38”, long strong stems each topped with medium size flower that makes a superb cut flower. $35.00 SOLD OUT
Carnation Bouquet (F)(M)(Seidl)
Carnation Bouquet
Loosely arranged bright rose pink petals of a uniform size give these 5 inch flowers a carnation-like appearance; as the weather warms you’ll be treated to a lovely spicy fragrance; stems are 30 inches or more and width reaches 38 inches; forms a neat bush. $38.00
Carrara (F)(M)(Bigger) 1952
One of the most unique and dazzling of Imperials, the blooms are crisp white with a center mass of spiky white staminodes; smaller petals or petaloids may emerge from the center; at its best a white on white masterpiece but may get off to a slow start when weather is cool, which is often in the PNW, and may requiew a few years to bloom well. $22.00
Charles Burgess (M)(Krekler)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Charles Burgess
Large vivid crimson, cupped Imperial with a lavish center of burgundy staminodes tipped with light gold; height to 36” with dense foliage. $24.00
Charm (L)(Franklin)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Dark and lustrous black mahogany red Imperial with a wide center tuft of same color staminodes that have bright gold tips; a difficult color to capture exactly in a photograph, but a rich and luscious shade that's perfect to plant with pinks and creams. $24.00
Cheddar Gold (VF)(M)(Klehm)
Cheddar Gold
Exquisite creamy white Imperial with a central mass of butter yellow stamens, usually laden with creamy white petaloids. $22.00
Cheddar Pom Pom (F)(M)(Roy G. Klehm) 1985
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Cheddar Pom Pom
A showy Japanese peony that combines white and gold into a an exciting double-like mass of fluff and frills; double row of petals surround the pom pom of golden staminodes, while contrasting white petaloids bloom out of the pom pom; 36 inches tall. $22.00
Cheddar Surprise (VF)(M)(Roy Klehm) 1980
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Cheddar Surprise
Pure white semi-double to fully double with a great show of white petaloids showing from center of gold staminodes when the plant is fully mature; strong stems about 28 inches and a reliable bloomer; produces pollen and seeds. $22.00
Cheese Country (F)(M)(Roy Klehm)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Cheese Country
Deep rose pink Imperial with a double row of guard petals surrounding a bold cheddar yellow center of petaloids; topping the yellow in the center are fluffs of rose pink and cream petaloids streaked with yellow; large blooms and intense colors highlight Cheese Country's spot in the garden or a bouquet; plant to 26" in height. $32.00

Cherry Charm (Kreckler-Roy Klehm) 1994
Cherry Charm
Large cupped blossoms like Coral Charm, only bright cherry red. Reliable bloomer, good substance and very strong stems to 32 inches. No staking. $24.00 SOLD OUT
Cincinnati (M)Krekler)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Deep pink double with a bit of silver edging on the tips of the petals, an effect that makes this peony stand out in the garden; some golden stamens show through the petals. $24.00

Claire de Lune (F)(E)(White, Wild & Son 1954)
Claire de Lune
Pale creamy lemon single flowers with the most delicate yellow stamens balanced on red stems above large, deep green leaves. Sweetly scented. A cross of Mons. Jules Elie X mlokowitchii; height to 28 inches; usable fertility. $26.00 SOLD OUT
Clemenceau (F)(M)(Dessert 1920)
A bold, handsome peony of vivid, glowing rose-pink with magnificent stature; the large blooms are globular with a flat crown packed full of small petals arranged in rose form; light tea rose fragrance; strong grower as tall as 40 inches (100 cm) so might need a little support; available in late fall. $28.00
Copper Kettle (M)(Anderson)(Intersectional)
Copper Kettle
The coppery orange and red overtones of this unusual intersectional get raves in the garden or as a cut flower; a cross between an herbaceous peony with a tree peony that gets 32 inches tall by 48 inches wide; vigorous originator’s stock. $100.00 SOLD OUT
Cora Louise (M)(Roger Anderson)(Intersectional)
Cora Louise
Large flowers with frilly white petals and deep lavender burgundy flares; the contrast between them becomes more vivid as the bloom remains open; one of the few Itohs with this stunning rockii type coloration. $65.00

Cora Stubbs (F)(M)(Krekler)
Cora Stubbs
This Japanese type has huge bi-color flowers that are a standout in the garden; vivid raspberry pink guard petals surrounding a full luscious center of creamy white staminodes unlike any other peony; vigorous grower and lush foliage; plant height to 32 inches or more. $24.00
Coral Charm (E)(Wissing)
Coral Charm
Large, brilliant coral semi-double; the tight coral pink buds open to a rich coral peach then fade to softer shades of coral all the way to tangerine yellow; a mature plant spectacularly shows off, sometimes, all the shades at once; tall but strong stems and great vigor. $26.00
Coral N' Gold (F)(E)(Cousins-Klehm)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Coral N' Gold
A wide cupped-shaped vivid, yet soft coral single with a massive center of bright golden yellow stamens; strong upright grower about 30 inches tall; nothing more elegant than massive bouquets of this peony on a stately dinner table. $24.00
Coral Sunset (M)(Wissing)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Coral Sunset
Intensely coral semi-double with a rosy infusion that adds a sunset glow to the coral; large, dramatic blooms on a plant that reaches 32 inches and, like all of the corals, needs its first year to grow good roots, so don't expect much on top of the ground. $30.00

Couronne d'Or (VF)(L)(Crousse)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Couronne d'Or
Crown of gold, as the French name says, refers to the ring of yellow stamens that gives an inner glow to this large creamy white double bloom of evenly rounded petals; center petals are often tipped red; emits a strong scent of lilies; dependable and floriferous in the late season, for both cuts and garden display. $22.00
Crinkled Linens (M)(Roy Klehm)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Crinkled Linens
Large white single with wide crinkled guard petals giving it some interesting texture; the red stigmas in the center contribute to making this a single with a different look; heavy bloomer. $24.00
Cuckoo's Nest (M to L)(Krekler)
Cuckoo's Nest
Huge deep red Imperial with an outer fan of large plum red crinkled petals nesting a mass of raspberry red staminodes with vivid cream edges; wide, flat bloom; 30 inches. $25.00
Dayton (VF)(L)(Krekler)
Large double blooms of deep, rich rose pink with dancing silvery highlights; exceptional fragrance for your bouquet of late bloomers; medium height, strong stems. $24.00
Dénise (VF)(LateMid)(Lemoine) 1924
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Large, full double of blush to white, or totally blush with red flecking which is at times faint; the petals are neatly layered giving the large flower definition; among Lemoine’s best and most reliable; height to 30" and stands well; exceptional old rose fragrance $28.00 SOLD OUT
Dinner Plate (F)(Late Mid)(C.G. Klehm) 1968
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Dinner Plate
Classic rose form double cherished for both its size and beauty; luscious medium pink with glowing tints of salmon sings out loud in the garden or in a vase; vigorous grower and abundant bloomer; 36 inches tall. $24.00
Do Tell (LM)(Auten)
Do Tell
Light pink anemone flower is flecked with contrasting petals of orchid pink to red to red purple; medium plant height and medium size blooms; popular as a cut flower. $24.00
Docteur Alexander Fleming (VF)(M)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Docteur Alexander Fleming
Large, medium rose pink double known for its sweet fragrance; full long-lasting flowers bloom in mid season with an occasional hairline red-edge accenting some of the petals. $18.50
Don Richardson (M)(Krekler)
Don Richardson
A 36 inch tall Imperial with a deep red to black red flower that can rival Chocolate Soldier; wide guard petals surround a mass of golden staminodes interlaced with black red petaloids; a stunning complement to the pink or white flowers in your border. $26.00

Doreen (F)(M)(Sass)
Bright rose pink Imperial type infused with several other shades of pink and a lovely fragrance; mass of deep golden petaloids in the center is fringed with silvery gold; tall with strong stems. $20.00
Dr. F.G. Brethour (VF)(MidLate)(Sass 1938)
Dr. F.G. Brethour
One of the best of the late season; a brilliant pure white double that has a subtle golden glow within; long strong stems carry the large, full flowers well above the foliage and stand all the better with support; delicious fragrance. $24.00
Dragon's Nest (F)(EM)(Auten 1933)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Dragon's Nest
Very bright red guards surround a center of red staminodes tipped bright yellow; more red petals may shoot out of the yellow center finishing the flower with a festive finale; 3 ft. x 3 ft. ; the flowers are about 5 inches with a sweet, but light fragrance; stands erect without staking $24.00
Duchess de Nemours (VF)(E)(Calot)
Duchess de Nemours
Creamy white blooms of medium size are produced in abundance on a medium tall plant; the flowers are cupped with white guards and a full center of light canary yellow petals deepening to pale green at the base; a flower of antiquity still much admired. $22.00

Early Scout (Very Early)(Auten) 1952
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Early Scout
A cheerful deep red single peony that shows off a multitude of pretty blooms about 3" in diameter; forms a mound of deep green fine cut foliage that makes an attractive plant even when the blooms are gone; a gem for the rock garden, no taller than 24 inches, and one of the earliest hybrids to bloom; emerges with vivid purple stems that turn green as they grow. $22.00
Eden's Perfume (VFR)(M)(Holland)
Eden's Perfume
Large frilly pink with layers of petals; strong rose-like fragrance; about 24” tall; robust grower and strong stems; excellent cut; reputed to be one of the most fragrant peonies. $25.00
Edulis Superba (VFR)(M)(Lemon 1924)
Edulis Superba
One of the oldest peonies in commerce; medium size blooms of silvery old rose pink; floriferous with several sidebuds; tall stems about 36 inches will need staking; blooms midseason in our Pacific Northwest climate; intoxicating fragrance, so, warning, don't sniff and drive. $20.00
Eliza Lundy (F)(M)(Krekler)
Eliza Lundy
Medium size double bomb flowers of deep scarlet red on a plant no more than 24 inches in height; a cheerful bright red for the front of the border. $28.00

Elsie Pickett (F)(M)(Tischler) 1967
Elsie Pickett
A bright, deep fuchsia pink rose form peony that creates a spectacle atop its 40 inch stems; side buds form a cluster of lusciousness and beauty like no other peony; strong stems but support helps, especially when it rains; buds the size of golf balls; light fragrance; awesome Elsie! $28.00 SOLD OUT
Etched Salmon (EM) (Lyman Cousins-Roy Klehm) 1981
Etched Salmon
Showy creamy salmon-coral double with swirling inner petaloids brightly etched with gold; plant height to 36 inches; one of the most sought-after peonies. $35.00
Felix Supreme (ML)(Kriek)
Felix Supreme
Large, showy bright, but deep magenta double with dense, fluffy petals; strong stems and vigorous growth; might need some support; one of the best for cut flowers. $18.00 SOLD OUT
Festiva Maxima (F)(E)(Mielles)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Festiva Maxima
Tall, large white double that opens with vivid crimson edges on some of the petals; an old variety (1851) and still one of the most popular. $18.00
Festiva Supreme (F)(M)(Charles Klehm)
Festiva Supreme
Double white, ball form, with some red flecking in the center; strong stems to 34 inches, each stem with 4 buds; reliable opener, pleasing fragrance and good substance; excellent cut flower; Alice Harding X W. L. Gumm seedling that first bloomed in 1951. $24.00 SOLD OUT
First Arrival (M)(Roger Anderson)(Intersectional)
First Arrival
This fabulous hybrid, a lovely shade of lavender pink, has a semi-double to double form; carpels are enclosed by a lavender sheath and circled by yellow stamens and red flares at the base of petals; 6 to 8 inche blooms on a mounded bush about 26 to 30 inches in height; originator's stock, limited $55.00

Flame (E)(Glasscock)
Medium to large single blooms of light scarlet red; stiff stems, dark green foliage; plant height to 26"; bare root. $20.00 SOLD OUT

Florence Nicholls (VF)(M)(Nicholls)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Florence Nicholls
There are some great white peonies, and this is one of them; large perfect rose form flowers, dense with petals, both wide and narrow; extended bloom time with all the side buds; well formed wide bush that reliably produces; exhilarating fragrance; strong, thick stems that stand up well enough without support. $30.00

Fragrant Pink Imp (VF)(M)(Roy Klehm)
Fragrant Pink Imp
Deep magenta pink double, packed with petals and fragrance; no taller than 26", this imp is a perfect companion to Lancaster Imp if your search is for shorter peonies. $28.00 SOLD OUT
Fringed Ivory (F)(M)(Klehm)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Fringed Ivory
Frilly ivory white double with layer after layer of fringed creamy white petals that surround a small star of golden stamens; excellent form and substance; dark, lustrous foliage; about 30" tall. $28.00
Garden Treasure (M)(Hollingsworth) (Intersectional)
Garden Treasure
A Court of Honor winner several times at the national peony show; bright butter yellow single flowers that have muted scarlet red flares at the tips; a vigorous growing, rapidly spreading bush with superb foliage that stays almost impeccable throughout the spring and summer; blooms here for a longer period of time than any other peony; medium height. $68.00

Gardenia (F)(M)(Lins)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Like a gardenia in form, this blush white double is one of the finest; many times a winner of championship ribbons; mild fragrance; many side buds to extend the bloom; strong red-tinted stems to 34 inches; stout plant. $24.00
Gay Paree (F)(M)(Auten)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Gay Paree
One of the most vivid and floriferous peonies in any garden; the pretty flowers, many per stem, are a contrast of pink and white with guard petals of bright cerise pink surrounding a plush tuft of white and cream petaloids that carry some tints of pink. $24.00
Gayborder June (F)(E)(Hoogendoorn, Holland 1949)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Gayborder June
Double blooms of fuchine rose up to 10 to 12 inches wide with a dense mass of petals; on occasion it’s semi-double; 3-1/2 ft. tall; excellent cut flower and garden specimen. $24.00
Gloire de Charles Gombault (VF)(M)(Gombault/Dessert)
Gloire de Charles Gombault
A globe of pink, salmon pink and cream petals, surrounded by large pink guard petals; some of the pink petals in the center have red edges; dazzling flowers are medium size, but over years, get very large; height to about 38 inches. $30.00 ON HOLD FOR INCREASE

Glory Hallelujah (F)(L)(Carl Klehm)
Glory Hallelujah
Large full rose double with cherry-red, rose-red and bright pink tints; silver tips appear at the petal edges as the bloom matures; the last peony to emerge in the spring, and just when you think it didn't make it through the winter, you'll find it up and peeking through the covers. $26.00 SOLD OUT
Glowing Candles (F)(M)(Wild)
Glowing Candles
This delightful imperial has a large and luminous golden center flecked with pale pink petaloids, all of which is surrounded with a halo of wide pink guard petals; in late afternoon sunlight on these lush and abundant blooms irradiates them with a soft golden glow; towards fall the foliage turns deep red; strong stems to 32 inches. $22.00
Gordon E. Simonson (M)(Anderson) Intersectional
Gordon E. Simonson
Wide 7 to 8 inch bright fuchsia pink semi-double flower with a purplish cast; prolific bloomer; 30 inches tall and 42 inches wide at maturity; no pollen but plenty of garden glamour. $175.00
Grace Batson (F)(M to L)(Sass) 1927
Grace Batson
Magnificent rose pink double that vigorously grows in to a tall, hefty bush and provides plenty of full and heavy substance blooms for the garden or for cutting; color has a touch of blue that cool slightly cools the pink; support advisable. $28.00
Green Lotus (E)(William Krekler-Roy G. Klehm)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Green Lotus
A medium size bloom of cream and green, with lime green streaking and soft pink highlights at the petal edges; 28” tall; dazzling, perhaps even mysterious; imagine in arrangements with Coral ‘N Gold. $24.00
Heidi (Tischler)(M)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
An extremely robust Imperial with an abundance of 4-5" light and airy light pink flowers with coral tipped staminodes; an attraction in the garden and like a sparkler in your bouquets; 26" or often taller, especially in wet springs. $20.00

Henry Bockstoce (VF)(M)(Bockstoce)
Henry Bockstoce
An enormous dinner plate size deep scarlet red double on tall stems up to 40" in height; the petals are heavy substance with a deep, dark sheen; grow in full sun and plan to stake; nothing short of awesome when in bloom. $25.00

Henry Sass (F)(M-L)(Sass)
Henry Sass
A large pure white double, high built, of perfect form and pristine beauty; strong stems, dark green foliage; about 32" tall. $22.00

Hermione (VF)(L)(Sass)
A lavish pink full double that's an old fashioned delight; frilly petals of rich apple-blossom pink and a heavenly fragrance. $26.00
Hillary (M Through L)(R. Anderson)
This cross hybrid has a complicated and somewhat variable coloration of shimmering cream, maroon and red petals surrounding a center with ivory carpels tipped green; it stands out easily among other peonies; excellent plant habit; originator's stock, limited. $54.00
Honey Gold (Klehm)(M)(F)
Honey Gold
Broad creamy guard petals surround a large mass of wavy, pale yellow staminodes, then from the center creamy white petals crown this striking white and gold peony; side buds give it a long bloom period. $24.00
Immaculée (VFR)(M)(Van der Valk/Van der Swet 1953)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Large double bomb with lots of side buds that extend the blooming season; the flowers appear as double most of the time, but may also be semi-double of Japanese form with red stigmas; dense silky and shiny foliage; height to 37 inches so have some support on hand; admirable in the garden and a good choice for cut flowers. $18.00
Instituteur Doriat (F)(M)(Doriat 1925)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Instituteur Doriat
This hefty Japanese variety becomes a veritable thicket of foliage with tall and thick stems that bear very large velvety deep carmine maroon blossoms; the petaloids are tipped white which creates a distinct effect; profuse bloomer; some fall coloring in the foliage. $24.00
Joanna Marlene (M)(Anderson) Intersectional 1999
Joanna Marlene
One of the loveliest of the Itohs; the exquisite coloration of these 4 to 6 inch semi-double blooms is unique; the colors of the interior petals change from peach/salmon to yellow/cream, while the guards display shades of pink; 22 to 24 inches in height; excellent vigor. $75.00 SOLD OUT
Joker (M)(Landis/A. Rogers)
As a luscious dark pink peony, Joker is lovely enough, but there's more. In the interior of the petals, dark pink fades to white, while the edges continue to hold the deep pink forming an exquisite picotee; height to 32 inches; strong stems uphold mid-size blossoms. $30.00

Karen Gray (F)(M-L)(Krekler)
Karen Gray
Wine red Imperial gives abundant blooms with minimum care; large flowers on sturdy stems about 34 inches tall, staking ususally not needed. $18.00
Katryn Fonteyn aka Catherina Fontijin (VFR)(M)(Van der Valk/Van der Zwet, Holland 1952)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Katryn Fonteyn aka Catherina Fontijin
Blush pink double with hairline red edges on some of its wide petals; when fully open, it pales to a delicate shade of ivory pink with subtle yellow highlights deep within the bloom; lovely fragrance. $24.00
Kelway's Glorious (VVF)(M)(Kelway) 1909
Kelway's Glorious
Large white rose form double with a creamy glow within its dense center of incurved petals; occasionally a few faint crimson edges in the center; famous for its strong rose scent; strong stems hold the flowers upright; height about 28 to 32 inches; takes time to look its best. $22.00 SOLD OUT
Krinkled White (M)(Brand)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Krinkled White
A large single flower with broad, pure white crinkled petals with the texture of white crepe paper; yellow stamens in center; strong stems $18.00
Lancaster Imp (F)(M)(Roy G. Klehm 1987)
Lancaster Imp
A petite white double bomb; wide guard petals surround a mound of pure creamy white petals; height only 26”; floriferous; light fragrance. $22.00
Largo (F)(M)(Vories)
Superb, wide-spreading, eye-catching Japanese variety with large, showy blooms; height to about 38", width to about 5 ft., wide blue pink petals surround a simple center of golden yellow staminodes; strong stems; dark green foliage; slight fragrance. $18.00

Laura Dessert (VF)(M)(Dessert)
Laura Dessert
In 1913 French horticulturists were excited by Dessert's introduction of the first double peony to show some yellow; buds are pale pink, then as they open, assert a bright, rich yellow cast before fading to creamy white; medium height. $24.00

Lavon (F)(LM)(Hollingsworth)
High built double lavender pink two-tone with a large yellow collar and center tuft, set off by broad bands of warm pink petals; in our garden the depth of the flower is often 10 inches; splendid for cutting, but needs high support in the garden for the long stems and heavy blossoms; stands tall, proud and magnificent. $24.00
Lemon Chiffon (M)(Reath)
Lemon Chiffon
The beauty and vigor of this, the first yellow herbaceous peony of size, casts a spell of delight on our garden visitors. Pollen fertile and lots of seeds every year. Excellent as a cut flower, too. $75.00

Lillian Gumm (VF)(M)(Gumm 1921)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Lillian Gumm
Large showy apple blossom pink double with a touch of ivory yellow in the crown; forms a large plant about 4 ft. wide and at least 36 inches tall; keeps blooming, ever so fragrantly, well into the late season. $24.00
Lois E. Klehm (F)(M)(Roy G. Klehm) 1998
Lois E. Klehm
A flat semi-double to bomb pink enhanced with a crown of golden stamens and tufts of pink petaloids in the center; an excellent peony all around; height to 32 inches with good stem strength. $35.00 SOLD OUT
Lois Kelsey (F)(M)(Kelsey)
Lois Kelsey
This is a semi-double white that can also bloom as a single, like a cluster of long white feathers; and both these forms bloom at the same time on the plant; adds a suprising touch to any bouquet. $20.00 SOLD OUT
Lois' Choice (E)(Laning 1993)
Lois' Choice
An astonishing double peony that goes from green to yellow to pink; closely packed ruffled and furled petals emerge into a wide full center over the large outer petals; foliage is rich green and stems 26 to 30 inches. $90.00 SOLD OUT
Ma Petite Cherie (F)(M)(Roy Klehm)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Ma Petite Cherie
A new soft pink semi-double for the front of the border or bed; it's height of only 20" to 22" makes it perfect in the small scale garden; vigorous. $26.00
Madam Calot (VF)(M)(Miellez)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Madam Calot
Large and globular, pale old rose pink double with slightly darker center; petal edges in the center may be flecked with crimson; strong old rose fragrance; as they open the blooms show pale yellow then blush pink before turning all creamy white as in the smaller photo; strong stems need no support. $28.00
Madam Claude Tain (VF)(M into L)(Doriat)
Madam Claude Tain
A blush to white double fully packed with petals and perfectly formed; in the center smaller petals with a soft creamy glow makes a mound surrounded by the pure white of the larger outer petals; a superb peony for the garden as well as for the vase and said to be "the best white peony for cut flowers because of her white bud presentation, strong stems and very easy flowering." All wrapped in a lovely fragrance. $36.00 SOLD OUT

Madam Emile Debatene (F)(M)(Dessert-Doriat)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Madam Emile Debatene
Madam has a large, double flower in a bright, rich medium shade of pink; a short peony, only 26 inches, that sits splendidly in the front of the border. $22.00

Madam Jules Dessert (F)(LateMid)(Dessert) 1909
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Madam Jules Dessert
Large, long-petaled flowers bloom in clusters; blossoms have a funnel-like center, with a few stamens in its depths; splendid growth and floriferous bloom habits; the long flesh pink petals bear salmon reflections, while at the heart the blossom retains a show of solid rose pink; 42 inches or more so honor this rare antique with careful staking as invisible as possible. $28.00
Magenta Gem (F)(M)(Roy G. Klehm 1995)
Magenta Gem
Six inch flowers in a clear and brilliant shade of magenta bloom on a short plant merely 24 inches tall; forms a compact and neat plant with a multitude of flowers; silvering at the edges of the petals occurs in the later phases of blooming. $24.00
Many Happy Returns (M)(Hollingsworth)
Many Happy Returns
A very prolific bloomer for the garden and for enhancing the landscape; a rich, warm, medium-size red, excellent for arranging—the flowers are long-lasting (in fact, the buds will hold for weeks in refrigeration); up to 34 inches; Gold Medal 2007. $20.00
Margaret Clark (F)(L)(Mains)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Margaret Clark
Deep pink double formed with densely packed petals; large, exhibition type flowers; height to 34 inches; excellent cut flower. $25.00
Margaret Truman (F)(M)(Van der Valk)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Margaret Truman
A vigorous, prolific and reliable performer even in adverse weather conditions; deep pink, notably fragrant, with ruffled petals fades to lighter pink at the edges as the bloom matures; many side buds extend the blooming period; large glossy foliage with height to 30-32 inches. $24.00
Marguerite Gérard (VF)(M)(Crousse) 1892
Marguerite Gérard
Some similarity to peony Sarah Bernhardt, but blooms much earlier in the spring. Enormous blousy double goes from lilac to blush ivory with occasional red striping; its large size, profuse blooming and transitional colors have made it a favorite for decades, although it it is rarely available in the US; excudes a strong fragrance reminiscent of wild cherry blossoms; 30 inches tall , benefits from support. $00.00 NOT AVAILA BLE
Martha Reed (F)(E to M)(Krekler)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Martha Reed
Early creamy white double opens with a blush and unfurls large round petals that soften its appearance; the beauty grabs your attention and draws you in; 28 inches with strong, sturdy stems. $25.00
Miss America (F)(M)(Mann-van Steen)
Miss America
Large blush to white semi-double with golden stamens and deep green carpels; excellent fragrance; APS Gold Medal winner. $20.00 SOLD OUT
Miss Eckhardt (F)(L)(Roelof Arendsveen van der Mer)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Miss Eckhardt
A sumptuous silvery rose pink double with large, overlapping petals and sweet fragrance; some yellow stamens glow from within; foliage has good autumn color; height about 36 inches $25.00

Missie's Blush (VF)(Late Mid)(Leola Missie Bainum/Don Hollingsworth) 1994
Missie's Blush
Large exhibition quality blooms packed with petals open a fully double blush then fades to white with a subtle hairline red edge occasionally; prolific in quantity of blooms and reliable in vigor and performance; strong stems up to 32 inches form a broad bush. $28.00
Mons. Jules Elie (F)(E)(Crousse)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Mons. Jules Elie
This was probably one of the peonies in grandma's garden; huge light rose-pink double bomb--a garden classic and showstopper since l888. $18.00
Moonstone (VF)(M)(Murawska)
Perfectly formed blush pink double turns toward ivory with a luminocity in the center; a bouquet like the one shown can scent an entire room; APS Gold Medal award in 1959. $30.00 SOLD OUT
Mrs. F.D.R. (F)(M)(Franklin)
Mrs. F.D.R.
A peony legend--soft pink double suffused with cream; many flowers on each stem; a perfect pink to grace your garden with billowing flowers and exquisite fragrance; Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt has been an American Peony Society Gold Medal winner. $24.00 SOLD OUT

My Love (F)(M)(Hollingsworth) 1992
Available also in pots at the nursery.
My Love
A multitude of rounded petals form a large and lush pearlescent white double; a strong grower, fast increaser and you even get blooms on young plants; endures any weather and comes through it all smelling (mildly) like a rose; 34 inches tall. $25.00
Myra MacRae (F)(M-L)(Tischler)
Myra MacRae
Medium pink double with blossoms often reaching 8 to 9 inches in diameter; large blooms, with petals tight and neatly packed, are carried well above the foliage on stout, strong stems; vigorous grower; height to about 34 inches; slight or more fragrance; American Peony Society Gold Medal winner. $24.00 SOLD OUT
Myrtle Gentry (VF)(L)(Brand)
Myrtle Gentry
One of the most fragrant peonies; large rose-form double of pastel salmon pink that fades to almost pure white; the pink is most brightest at the center of the bloom; medium height plant; reliable late bloomer. $28.00

Nadia (M to L)(Saunders)
Tall single hybrid; huge bright, deep cerise pink blooms that open large, wide and flat and are supported by strong, thick stems; a most spectacular plant. $34.00
Nancy Nora (VF)(M)(Bernstein)
Nancy Nora
A huge, loose rose type double of billowing soft pink petals with the strange (for a peony) and enticing scent of rose geraniums; robust plant, with strong stems 32 inches or more, gets wide rather wide quickly; because several blooms per stem can get so heavy, and outer stems tend to lean outward, some support is recommended, $22.00 SOLD OUT

Nellie Saylor (F)(M)(Krekler)
Nellie Saylor
Probably the most festive of Imperial peonies; from the center of deep wine red guard petals out bursts a gala mound of white, cream, pink and red petaloids and the party lasts for weeks; blooms are high above the sparking deep green foliage; 36 inch plant. $30.00
Neomie DeMay (VF)(M)(Calot)(aka Peach Blossom)
Neomie DeMay
Exquisite peachy old rose double with wide pale guard petals; all turns to pale parchment ivory as the bloom fades. a gorgeous, ethereal flower, blessed with a heady sweet fragrance; perfect manners, too--strong stems, rather short height and attractive foliage crowned by well formed medium size flowers. $32.00
Neon (F)(M)(Nicholls)
Large lavender rose pink Imperial with a center of elongated, serrated staminoides edged in a fortune of bright shiny gold; a few pink petaloids can also emerge; strong stems, to 36 inches, has side buds, but usually stand without support; excellent for cut flowers; fragrance faint. $35.00

Nick Shaylor (L)(Allison)
Nick Shaylor
A tall, full rose-type double with blooms that can reach 10 inches across; buds open to a delicate shade of pink, then fade to ivory white; a few crimson edges are on some of the central petals; twice a Gold Medal winner $22.00

Officinalis Alba Plena (E)(Origin Unknown)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Officinalis Alba Plena
A.k.a. the white Memorial Day peony or in Europe the white farmer’s peony; a fully double ancient variety known as far back as the 17th Century and still relished for her loveliness today; plants from 2 to 3 feet tall form a superb border with abundant blooms; sometimes an entire flower has a pink or red cast. $24.00
Officinalis Rosea Plena (M)
Officinalis Rosea Plena
Brilliant double pink, an antique variety that has been found in American gardens since the 1700's; bloom have slightly silver cast; good foliage and sturdy. $28.00

Officinalis Rubra Plena (E)(Origin Unknown)
Officinalis Rubra Plena
Deep red full double, an ancient species (or possibly hybrid) known to Europeans since the middle ages; in the U.S. it's known as the Memorial Day Peony because it was the only peony usually in bloom at that time; some find it has a cinnamon fragrance. Available late in fall. $28.00

Old Faithful (F)(L)(Glasscock-Faulk 1964)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Old Faithful
The best late red with large heavy substance flowers; sturdy tall stems to 36 inches hold the flowers up without support; needs a few years to form a superb plant; fertile both ways; APS Gold Medal Award for 1997 and Award of Landscape Merit in 2009. $44.00
Pageant (E)(Saunders)
This 4-ft. tall giant, with width to match its height, has huge single rich medium-pink blooms splashed with long gold stamens; a spectacular show in early May $35.00
Pastelelegance (F)(M)(Seidl)
One of the finest peonies introduced recently (or ever), this is a double of impeccable beauty and a color unlike any other, truly a dream peony. Imagine champagne cream with delicate pink highlights and golden stamens, although mostly obscured by the petals, interspersed within the petals; 30 inch strong stems hold the flowers erect; large semi-glossy foliage; TET fertile both ways. $220.00 ON HOLD FOR INCREASE

Paul M. Wild (F)(Mid to Late)(Wild)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Paul M. Wild
Large, velvety cabernet wine red double that is excellent in every respect and, is always among the top rated reds; plant height about 32 inches. $20.00
Paula Fay (E)(Fay)
Paula Fay
A lustrous crimson pink semi-double with a neon glow that lights up the garden early in the season; plant grows to 35 inches tall. $20.00
peregrina (Mid into Late) (Species)
Blooms 2-3 inches stand just above the foliage; usually single, but sometimes opens semi-double; attractive foliage forms a neat, uniform bush, 20-22 inches tall and about that wide; robust and reliable with an abundance of successive blooms; stylish along a walk way or in front of the border. $28.00

Peter Brand (M)(Holland)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Peter Brand
Lustrous black red double sometimes flecked with golden stamens; very large rose form flowers, noted as an improved M. Martin Cahuzac, which had been known as the darkest peony; in the morning the petals seem to have a black sheen over the deep maroon; handsome foliage turns red in the fall, stiff stems; superb cut flower, rarely available. $30.00

Petite Elegance (M)(Roy G. Klehm)
Petite Elegance
The multiple magenta-pink petals of this bright 6 inch semi-double have a silvery shine that gives the impression at times of a picotee edge or two-tone flower; height to about 28 inches $24.00

Philippe Rivoire (VFR) (M-L) (Rivière)
Philippe Rivoire
Lovely dark crimson red double with a bright blackish sheen; its alluring peony fragrance has assured its presence in gardens and bouquets for over 100 years; 30 inches or more in height, with flowers a little over 4 inches; wiry stems. $26.00 SOLD OUT

Pillow Talk (F)(Mid to Late)(Carl G. Klehm)
Pillow Talk
Tall, strong stems and large, yet exquisite flowers make this giant a standout among the pink peonies; full and fluffy soft cameo pink flowers 8 to 10 inches across stay upright over the foliage. $24.00 SOLD OUT
Pink Derby (F)(M)(Bigger) 1966
Pink Derby
Immense pink double bomb sits atop a ring of wide bright pink guard petals; center mass of petaloids are contrasting light pink, cream and white; sparkling in the garden or as a cut flower; plant height about 36 inches. $30.00 SOLD OUT
Pink Hawaiian Coral (F)(Early Mid)(Roy G. Klehm)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Pink Hawaiian Coral
Large semi-double coral, a more intensely bright shade of pink than the other corals; cream carpels and yellow stamens peek through the center; vigorous with tall stems about 38 inches; Gold Medar winner. $25.00
Pink Parasol Surprise (VFR) (M) (Roy G. Klehm)
Pink Parasol Surprise
Lovely blend of pastel pink, cream and yellow; a novel bomb that piles its petaloids high giving the impression of a flower within another flower; vigorous, reliable bloomer with stong stems; height to about 30 inches. $26.00 SOLD OUT
Pink Princess (F)(M)(Sass)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Pink Princess
Round, wide petals of pale pink subtly speckled with deeper pink; some of flowers on Pink Princess, planted in a bit of afternoon shade in our gardens, bloomed more than 8 inches wide and made its simplicity awesome. $20.00

Prairie Moon (M)(Orville Fay 1959)
Prairie Moon
Huge pale yellow single to semi-double on tall stems; after a show of pale sulfur yellow, the flower fades to ivory; the 32 inch stems usually don’t need staking; takes 3-4 years for the plant to look its best, though the foliage leaves much to be desired, so best to grow it in the back of the border; nice in a bouquet with some of the corals. $28.00 SOLD OUT FOR THIS YEAR
President Taft (VF)(M)(Calot 1857))
Available also in pots at the nursery.
President Taft
Light blush rose double whose large, fragrant blooms make excellent cut flowers; medium plant about 30 inches tall, with strong stems; American Peony Society declares this is a synonym for Reine Hortense. $20.00

Princess Bride (F)(E to M)(Klehm)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Princess Bride
Elegant pure white double bomb with wide rounded guard petals; lush dark green foliage sets off these lovely, scented blooms; strong stems to 32 inches $28.00

Princess Margaret (M)(Murawska)
Princess Margaret
An enormous double that is the luscious shade of bright pink with no blue tones; floriferous stems are laden with large, heavy blooms, so plant to stake this one; APS Gold Medal winner, $22.00 SOLD OUT
Queen of Sheba (F)(L)(Sass)
Queen of Sheba
Large blossoms of sparkling bright cerise rose borne on strong, upright stems; full bomb type double; medium height; blooms around late midseason, small roots. $20.00 SOLD OUT

Quitzin (F)(EMid)(Prof. Herald Fawkner, Falköping, Sweden 2001)
Massive bomb-style double with an unusual combination of colors— vivid lime green buds open with cream-buff guards surrounding a greenish ball center which turns to yellow featuring several shades of yellow intermingled with apricot peach; needs several years to show true colors and awesome size; tetraploid, some pollen and seeds; tall, strong stems but the heavy flowers may need support; flower shown is first year in our garden; one per. $300.00
Raspberry Charm (M)(Samuel Wissing-Roy G. Klehm) 1968
Raspberry Charm
Like Coral Charm with its large semi-double blooms but the color is something else! A rich, glowing raspberry red with a mass of golden stamens in the center; reliable bloomer with strong stems to 36 inches; staking helps. $30.00
Raspberry Splash (F)(Early Mid)(R.G. Klehm) 1999
Raspberry Splash
A cactus type Imperial or Japanese flower; the 5 inch blooms open flat with fluted and undulating petals; white with bright and showy raspberry red streaking; stunning in bouquets. $24.00 SOLD OUT
Raspberry Sundae (VF)(M)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Raspberry Sundae
Large double bomb of cream with a big dollop of raspberry on top; first year blooms are pale or even all white, but as the plant matures, the colors intensify; delightful fragrance; height about 36". $20.00

Red Charm (VF)(M)(Glasscock)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Red Charm
Gigantic double bomb piled high with a mass of red petals framed with a fan of wide red guard petals; old rose fragrance with a hint of cloves; deep, glossy dark red coloration; a garden favorite and a sell-out every season; APS Gold Medal winner. $28.00
Red Grace (F)(M)(Glasscock)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Red Grace
One of the most popular true reds; dark petals that bunch together to form a almost perfect ball; stems about 30 inches; vigorous plants that always put on a great show. $28.00
Reine Supreme (VF)(M)(Roy G. Klehm) 1985
Reine Supreme
Large apple-blossom pink, of double form, with a little red striping in the center; some seeds; double row of guard petals; 32 -34” in height; strong stems; an excellent cut flower. $26.00 SOLD OUT

Renato (F)(M)(Murawska) 1949
A much improved Felix Crousse, re-born, as the name says, fuller and larger; deep, rich glowing reddish purple double; one of the favorites here, admired for its vibrant beauty, the multitudes of flowers and plant vigor; superb cut flower with stems 30-32 inches. $20.00

Rozella (F)(M)(Reath) 1990
Dark pink rose-form double with robust plant habit; sturdy stems to 31 inches and a dependable and profuse bloomer; pink coloration pales out at the petal edges; super in the garden or as a cut flower; American Peony Society Award of Merit, 2009. $22.00 SOLD OUT
Salmon Dream (E)(Reath)
Salmon Dream
Vivid salmon pink semi-double; keeps its color in our cooler climate, but may fade to a creamy sheen in prolonged hot sunshine; a seedling of 'Paula Fay' x 'Moonrise' that itself sets seeds; slow to propagate and very limited $38.00
Sarah Bernhardt (F)(L)(Lemoine)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Sarah Bernhardt
A favorite pink double--rich rose, edged a little lighter to silvery pink at the petal edges; a few petals show crimson edges; the plants are very robust and floriferous. $18.00
Scarlet Heaven (M)(Anderson) Intersectional 1999
Scarlet Heaven
A deep red intersectional whose rigid stems hold the lovely flowers superbly above the plant; red-tipped carpels surround a mass of flowing stamens nestled in the center of the flower; excellent deep green foliage that seems impervious to any blights; vigorous grower and a healthy bloomer; 30 inches in height. $44.00
Schaffe (VF)(E)(Krekler)
Large lavender pink Imperial so full it appears double; the color in our climate is close to true lavender; reliable and prolific bloomer in any weather; superb fragrance; tidy, medium plant, one of the best and brightest, and one of the easiest to grow in our climate $26.00

Seashell (F)(M)(Sass)
Large single flowers of bright, satiny pink with a full center of yellow stamens; an excellent and robust variety for those who like the grace and elegance of single flowers; height to about 36". $18.00
Serebrenyi Velvet (F)(M)(North Caucasian Mt. region)
Serebrenyi Velvet
This variety from Eastern Europe has reached 42 inches tall by 46 inches wide in our garden; the blooms are held high above the foliage and the heavy substance deep rose petals are spectacularly edged silvery white; a magnificent peony that commands attention and in full sun stands upright without staking; hefty roots field grown here 5 to 6 years; rarely available. $38.00 SOLD OUT

Serene Pastel (F)(M)(Klehm)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Serene Pastel
Rounded petals form this pale peachy pink double; numerous side buds on each stem extend the bloom period while giving the plant a lush display. $25.00
She's My Star (F)(M)(Roy G. Klehm 1984)
She's My Star
Luscious soft pink and cream double bomb with two rows of pink guard petals;; three to five buds per stem with good stem strength; long lasting spectacular blooms with a slight fragrance. $28.00
Shirley Temple (F)(Late Mid)(Origin unknown)
Shirley Temple
Widely grown for its fine cut flowers, this full rose form double has flowers up to 8 inches; starts off with a blush then turns all white with just a hint of a crimson edge on a few of the central petals; blooms profusely on strong stems. $20.00

Soft Salmon Joy (F)(M)(Roy Klehm)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Soft Salmon Joy
A double row of wide, cupped, soft clear pink petals surround a compact tuft of golden stamens; occasional side buds; extremely vigorous, strong stems to 34 inches; very easy and fast grower $18.00
Solange (L)(Lemoine)
It sometimes takes a few days for this large globular double to open fully; it impacts your garden with its rich infusion of pale salmon pink; in warm spring weather the color is likely to pale faster; unique coloration and lovely form; dark green foliage with reddish green veins. $24.00

Sorbet (VF)(M)(South Korea/Luc Klinkhamer 1987)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Sorbet was discovered near the North Korea border and used there only for its roots until introduced in Europe and the U.S., where it’s now among the most popular peonies. The 5 inch flowers have creamy white petals between top and bottom layers of strawberry and raspberry. Neat plants 3 ft. tall stand up well to any weather and provide cut flowers that last. $20.00
Spiffy (M)(F)(William Krekler-Roy G. Klehm)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Brilliant fuchsia-rose petals fan around an Imperial center of soft pink cream and fuchsia-rose petaloids; 28” tall; each bloom is a little different from the other and all together awesome! $26.00
Summer Glow (M-LM)(Hollingsworth)
Summer Glow
A very full double of unique coloration-pinkish peach with yellow undertones; at times the flower look almost truly peach as it fades, in maturity, to pale yellow; erect, sturdy stems; a masterpiece hybrid by a master of peonies; limited. $90.00 SOLD OUT
Sunny Girl (Early to Mid)(Laning)
Sunny Girl
Large mellow yellow double; strong stems stand about 36" tall with one showy bloom per stem; gorgeous in a bouquet; very limited. $50.00 SOLD OUT

Susie Q (F)(M-L)(Carl G. Klehm)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Susie Q
A delight in the front of the border or wherever you need a touch of lovely; large rose-form double is a strong and vivid medium pink; plant is about 24 inches tall, $22.00
Sweet Shelly (F)(M)(Roy G. Klehm 2003)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Sweet Shelly
Stunning 5-1/2 inch Japanese with cerise (pinkish cherry red) guard petals surrounding a white to cream center with cerise stigmas; reliable and prolific bloomer with 2-3 buds per stem; will set seeds. $22.00
Sweetie (M to L)(Krekler/ Roy G. Klehm 1977)
A deep lavender pink bomb, medium size, standing on stems 18 inches tall; a lovely specimen for the front of the border or wherever you want to keep small scale; peonies this size are rarely available. $22.00
Sword Dance (L)(Auten) 1933
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Sword Dance
Tall bright red Japanese variety with a center mass of yellow staminodes streak-ed with the same color as the guard petals; a prolific bloomer and excellent performer that stands sturdy at 36 inches; withstands heat and wind; sets seeds. $18.00
Tecumseh (F)(M)(Dr. White)
A double row of fluffy shell pink guard petals is topped with a scoop of butter yellow staminodes out of which bloom more shell pink petaloids, these with a touch of red at the edges; an exotic and lovely Imperial for the garden or for cuts; about 30" tall. $26.00
Terry Grudem (F)(M)(Brand)
Terry Grudem
Bright deep red Imperial; the large center of staminodes is the same color as the guards, but tipped light yellow; huge blooms 8 inches or more on a tall plant. $22.00
The Fawn (M)(Wright)
The Fawn
A choice variety regarded as one of the very best in form, color and substance; the vivid pink petals are spotted and streaked with soft rose for a elegant subtle stippled effect; height to 34", strong stems need no staking. $20.00
The Mackinaw Grand (F)(EM)(David L.Reath) 1992
The Mackinaw Grand
A brilliant orange red semi-double with large silken petals; the 3 or 4 rows of petals are all ruffled, which fluffs up the flower making it look fuller; very fertile as a pod and pollen parent; height to 36 inches; vigorous grower and prolific bloomer; an awesome display when in bloom and even more when grouped together; named in tribute to the historic landmark hotel in Upper Michigan $40.00
Tom Cat (F)(M)(Krekler-Klehmn) 2000
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Tom Cat
Vivid carmine red Imperial flecked throughout with creamy white and carmine petaloids; large, impressive flower; plant height to 26 inches. $25.00
Tom Eckhardt (F)(M)(Krekler)
Tom Eckhardt
Stunning Imperial that really puts on a show; large round rose pink petals surround a vivacious center of yellow, orange and rose pink staminodes, spiked with tufts of pink petaloids. $22.00
Top Brass (F)(M)(Klehm)
Top Brass
Wide ivory guard petals surround a center of canary yellow highlighted with light pink petaloids in the center; light fragrance; a fine cut flower and a garden showpiece; plant height to about 28 inches. $20.00

Topeka Garnet (M)(Bigger)
Topeka Garnet
Large glowing dark red single with a small tuft of stamens in the center; rich color, floriferous plant; stems get to about 30 inches. $26.00 SOLD OUT
Tourangelle (F)(M)(Dessert 1910)
Saunders said “At its best Tourangelle is one of the most beautiful peonies”; an apple blossom pink semi-double to double that richly combines light pink and cream; sometimes an entire bouquet of blooms cluster on one stem, so support is necessary. $24.00
Unique (M)(Roger Anderson) (Intersectional)
Red single with finer cut foliage that most intersectionals; grows into a bush 34 by 48 inches and by that time is a sight to behold. $68.00

Viking Full Moon (M) (Pehrson/Sidel) (Intersectional)
Viking Full Moon
Soft, light greenish yellow intersectional hybrid; robust, upright stems hold 8 inch flowers above the foliage; excellent performer with long lasting blooms; choice. $50.00
Vivid Glow (M)(Lyman Cousins)
Vivid Glow
Very large cup-shaped salmon pink single flowers on tall stems to 32 inches in height; parentage unknown; pollen and seed fertile. $28.00 SOLD OUT
Vivid Rose (VF)(L)(Klehm)
Vivid Rose
Deep pink double with a lustrous sheen; a very desirable rose form peony with sturdy stems and a rich, rose-like fragrance; makes an excellent cut flower; stems are strong, but large flowers are heavy, so plan on staking. $22.00 SOLD OUT

West Elkton (M)(Krekler)
West Elkton
Dark burgundy red guard petals surround a mass of same color staminodes that are tipped with cream; compact grower to 25 inches in height. $22.00
White Beauty (F)(M)(Auten 1931)
White Beauty
Large double with an exquisitely pearly white sheen; bloom 5 to 6 inches wide; guard petals surround a full center of same color serrated petals; a few petals in the center may have crimson edges; needs support in wet weather; plant about 32 inches tall; good for cutting. $24.00
White Cap (F)(M)(Winchell)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
White Cap
One of the most desirable of the bi-color peonies; the guard petals of deep burgundy red surround a center of white and creamy yellow staminodes; medium size flowers; good bloomer superb for cut flowers; strong stems about 32 inches have never needed staking here; American Peony Society Gold Medal Winner. $30.00
White Frost (VF)(L)(Reath)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
White Frost
A very fragrant and beautiful seedling of peony 'White Charm'; perfect rose form snow white flowers on strong stems that reach 30 inches. $30.00
White Ivory (VF)(E)(Roy Klehm)
White Ivory
Pure white double with layer after layer of creamy white petals; an excellent white for bouquets, with a heady fragrance adding to its attraction; plant height to 30", usually no staking is needed. $24.00
White Wings (F)(M)(Hoogendoorn)
White Wings
A splendid white single flower that can get as large as 10 to 12 inches wide; the foliage is dark, glossy green and the plant height is about 36 inches. $20.00 SOLD OUT

Whopper (F)(Late Mid to Late)(Klehm) 1980
Available also in pots at the nursery.
Wide, ruffled silvery deep pink guard petals surround a massive ball of white, pale pink and cream petaloids; excellent fragrance and tall, strong stems to 39 inches. $24.00

Wladyslawa (Karpow-Lipski 1977)(M)
Available also in pots at the nursery.
A large pink Imperial, comparable to Bowl of Beauty, but a shorter version, about 30 inches tops; discovered in Poland in 1986 and now coming in to its own as both a garden and cut flower; W is pronounced as V. $18.00
Yellow Crown (M)(Mr. Itoh, Japan) Registered Itoh-Smirnow hybrid, 1974
Yellow Crown
An appealing dwarf cultivar, with pendulent semi-double to double flowers in bright yellow with occasional red flares. Parent is Alice Harding (yellow tree peony) – Kakoden (white lactiflora); like all Itohs, has tree peony foliage, herbaceous plant habits. $44.00