• (Roy G. Klehm 1998) This large rosy coral semi-double blooms very early, well ahead of the other corals; reliable bloomer with one spectacular bud per stem; height to 30 inches with thick stems that stand easily without support.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • Nancy

    (White 1954) Peachy pink hybrid with a distinctive and unique blend of peach, salmon, pink and apricot; stems are thick with broad light green foliage; height to 28 inches or more; a quad hybrid with four species in its heritage; rarely available.
  • (Cousins-Bigger 1975) Huge double coral rose-red bomb with a soft, musky fragrance; gives a unique color to your garden that varies in intensity as the blooms age; height to about 30 inches; staking helps keep the heavy blooms and slightly winding stems upright.
  • (Anderson 1999) (Intersectional) The coppery orange and red overtones of this unusual intersectional get raves in the garden or as an unusual cut flower; gets 32 inches tall by 48 inches wide; vigorous originator's stock.  
  • (Cousins/Klehm 1981) A wide cupped-shaped vivid coral single with massive center of bright golden stamens; strong upright grower about 30 inches tall; nothing more elegant than massive bouquets of this peony on a stately dinner table.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • (Wissing 1964) Large brilliant coral semi-double; the tight coral pink buds open to a rich coral peach then fade softer shades of coral all the way to tangerine yellow; a mature plant can sometimes show many shades of coral at once making the plant even more spectacular; tall, but strong stems and great vigor.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • (Wissing 1965) Intensely coral semi-double with a rosy infusion that add a sunset glow to the color; large dramatic blooms in some seasons are so full of petals, the flower looks double; reaches 32 inches tall and, like all of the corals, needs its first year to grow good roots, so don't expect much on top the ground.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • Hillary

    (Anderson 1999) (Intersectional) This cross hybrid has a complicated and variable coloration of shimmering cream, maroon and red throughout the petals, which surround a center of ivory carpels tipped green; it stands out easily among other peonies; originator's stock.
    Available in pots at the nursery.


    (Hollingsworth 1996) Medium size round bomb that opens to a unique shade of dusky orange pink; even on fading the color is a lovely shade of pale apricot orange; the rather light fragrance is sweet and spicy; erect bush to 26 inches in height; reliable bloomer.