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    (Thurlow 1918) Very large bright rose pink paling with age; color is a bit darker in the deep cupped center; height 36 to 42 inches so likely to need support; the large flowers are compared to Therese; rich spicy fragrance; seldom available; limited.
  • (Holland) A striking specimen with violet-pink petals fading to white at the tips will add a bit of extraordinary to your garden; strong plants with long stems to 34 inches and big flowers that make great cuts for your in early summer bouquets; mildly fragrant.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • (Roy G. Klehm 1985)  A favorite pink double of rich rose edged a little lighter to silvery pink at the petal edges; a few central petals may show crimson edges; the plants are very robust and floriferous.  ON HOLD FOR GROWTH.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • (Hollingsworth 1984) Pink and cream yellow Japanese anemone to loose double form; warm pink guard petals surround a center of large, cream yellow petaloids; on mature plants a great deal of spectacular feathering can occur in the center with many pink petals springing out; sidebuds extend flowering; about 36" tall.
  • (Krekler/R.G. Klehm 1999)   Light salmon pink guard petals surround a large well packed center of creamy yellow petaloids that turns to creamy salmon; the beautiful bomb flowers are 6 inches or more;  36 inch stems have four buds each.
  • (Klehm, before 1975) Soft cameo pink double bomb with flaring guard petals; some of the petals have deeper pink highlights and hairline red edges; about 32 inches tall; pleasant fragrance.  Available bare root in the fall.  
  • Barbara

    (Poland circa 1986) Little is known about the origins of this robust peony, but it's a remarkable statement in the garden; a very desirable shade of deep rose pink with weeks of heavy blooming; the slightly fragrant flowers are a luscious mass of tightly curled inner petals centered on a wide fan of well-built guards; height 30 inches or more.  
  • (Hoogendorn Holland 1949) Big showy pink Japanese variety much in demand; flowers can reach 10 inches on a mature plant; fuchsine rose guard petals surround a mound of creamy staminodes; sometimes pink petaloids arising out of the center are so profuse, the peony look like a full double bomb.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • (Rosenfield 1955)  A delightful Japanese type peony with a buttery yellow center set inside a wide fan of rose pink petals, which fade gradually to shell pink; vigorous, upright grower; plant height to about 36 inches.  Ready in fall.    
  • (Seidl  1996) Loosely arranged bright rose pink petals give these lavish 5 inch flowers a carnation-like appearance; strong spicy fragrance is released when the weather is warm; stems are 30 inches or more and width reaches 38 inches; forms a neat bush.  Available in fall.      
  • (Roy Klehm 2003) Deep rose pink Imperial with a double row of guard petals surrounding a bold cheddar yellow center of petaloids; tufts of rose pink and cream petaloids streaked with yellow appear out of the center;  large blooms and intense colors make Cheese Country a winner in the garden; plant height to 26 inches.  Available bare root in the fall.  
  • (Brand 1913) Bright pink double has a creamy white collar around the center of the bloom giving a two-tone effect of pink and cream; some of the pink petals in the center have a harline red edge;  medium-size blooms cluster on tall, strong stems that may reach 36 inches; a distinctive flower named after a teacher of a one room schoolhouse.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • (Dessert 1920) A bold handsome peony with magnificent stature; the large vivid rose-pink blooms have a flat crown packed full of small petals arranged in a rose form; light tea rose fragrance; strong grower as tall as 40 inches, so might need support.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • Cytherea

    (Saunders 1953) A sister seedling to 'Ludovica', this is another of Saunders' great pinks; wide cup-shaped petals of vivid salmon to cherry-rose; blooms are usually formed tightly, but warmth either outdoors or in the house opens them to expose the golden stamens; lavish cut flowers.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • Do Tell

    (Auten 1946) Light pink anemone flower is flecked with contrasting petals of orchid pink to red to red purple; medium plant height and medium size blooms; popular as a cut flower.
  • Doreen

    (Sass 1949) Bright rose pink Imperial type infused with several other shades of pink; mass of deep golden petaloids in the center is fringed with silvery gold; tall with strong stems and pleasantly fragrant.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • (Holland) Large frilly pink with layers of petals; strong rose-like fragrance; about 24 inches tall and a robust grower with strong stems; excellent cut, reputed to one of the most fragrant peonies.    
  • (Lemon 1924) One of the oldest peonies in commerce; medium-size to large blooms of silvery old rose pink; floriferous with several sidebuds; tall stems about 36 inches will need staking; blooms midseason in our Pacific Northwest climate; intoxicating fragrance, so, warning, don't sniff and drive.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • (Lyman Cousins-Roy Klehm 1981) Showy ceamy salmon-coral double with swirling innter petaloids brightly etched with gold; plant height to 36 inches; one of the most sought after peonies.  
  • (Kriek 1955) Showy bright deep magenta double with dense, fluffy petals; strong stems to 34 inches, vigorous growth and an abundance of large blooms; might need some support; one of the best for cut flowers.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • (Anderson 1986) (Intersectional) A lovely 6- to 8-inch flower in a desirable shade of lavender pink with red flares at the base of the petals; blooms semi-double to double; plant forms a mounded bush about 26 to 30 inches in height; originator's stock.  
  • (Auten 1933) One of the most vivid and floriferous peonies in any garden; the pretty flowers, many per stem, are a contrast of pink and white with guard petals of bright cerise pink surrounding a plush tuft of white and cream; petaloids in the center have some tints of pink.
    Available in pots at the nursery
  • (Hoogendoorn, Holland 1949) Double blooms of fuchsine rose up to 10 to 12 inches wide with a dense mass of petals; on occasion it's semi-double; 3-1/2 ft. tall; excellent cut flower and garden specimen.  Available bare root in fall.  
    (Gombault/Dessert 1866) A globe of pink, salmon pink and cream petals, surrounded by large pink guard petals; some of the pink petals in the center show red edges; dazzling flowers are medium-size, but over years get very large; height to about 38 inches; limited.  Ready in fall.
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