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  • (Anderson 1999) (Intersectional) One of the most striking of its category; outstanding single to semi-double flowers are deep lavender pink with unusual and variable white and fuchsia striping; dark flares in the center surround green carpels tipped red; striking in the garden and gorgeous in bouquets; floriferous; stands at 28 inches tall.
    (Anderson) (Intersectional) Pastel salmon single medium-size flower on a bush about 32 inches tall; prolific bloomer.
  • (Cauderon) This French semi-double to single hybrid is a brilliant lavender pink going towards purple; large round and ruffled petals surround a small boss of stamens; the few carpels within are tipped red; the plant is about 32 inches tall with a robust output of stems and blooms, the latter which last a long time in a garden protected from hot afternoon sun; fertility unknown.
  • (Kriek 1955) Showy bright deep magenta double with dense, fluffy petals; strong stems to 34 inches, vigorous growth and an abundance of large blooms; might need some support; one of the best for cut flowers.
  • Dayton

    (Krekler 1962) Large double blooms of deep, rich rose pink with dancing silvery highlights; exceptional fragrance for your bouquet of late bloomers; medium height, strong stems.
  • (Roy G. Klehm) Fully double hot, hot pink jazzed up with crinkled, crepy and curled petals; large flowers lightly scented stand on stiff stems; 36 inches tall with a spread of about 3 feet.
  • (Roy G. Klehm 1985)  A favorite pink double of rich rose edged a little lighter to silvery pink at the petal edges; a few central petals may show crimson edges; the plants are very robust and floriferous.
  • (Carl. G. Klehm 1973) Tall, strong stems and massive, yet exquisite blooms make this giant a standout among pink peonies;  full and fluffy soft cameo pink flowers 8 to 10 inches wide stay upright over the foliage; APS Gold Medal winner in 1994.
  • Jacorma

    (DeVroomen Nederland 1969) Bred in the Netherlands, this bright rose pink double peony extends the late bloom season being one of the last if not the very last to flower.  Even so it opens reliably, blooms prolifically. The large flowers are held up very well on sturdy 32-inch stems and, unless it's raining everyday, may not need staking. Very resistant to the leaf spotting and very easy to grow.
  • (Saunders 1993) A single white, about 4.5 inches, with a brush of magenta pink on the petals and at the edges; dark green foliage on stems that get from 20 to 24 inches in height; a vigorous, rare seedling of Halcyon and is a much superior performer; fertile both ways.
  • (Brand 1907) Huge bright cupped rose pink double often 8 to 10 inches wide with shading to silvery pink at the petal edges; tall stems to 36 inches with flowers held well above the foliage; lovely old rose fragrance.  
    (Auten 1942) A deep rose pink double whose mammoth blooms exudes a heavy rose fragrance in the late midseason; has stiff stems with blooms about 15 inches above the foliage; 40 inches tall so plan to support; rarely available.
  • (Roy G. Klehm 2000) A lively color combination of raspberry, cream and pink petals that form a petite full bomb flower; three to four buds per each 28 to 30 inch stem; fragrant blooms in the mid late season; for a smaller garden or border it's a perfectly proportioned double bomb.  
  • Athena

    (Saunders 1955) White single with a golden ivory sheen, a quadruple hybrid,  with bright raspberry red flares on the inside of each petal; golden stamens surround bright green carpels with rosy pink tips; a masterpiece for the early garden; slightly fragrant; 30 inches tall; stands without support.
  • Ludovica

    (Saunders 1941) Opulent rose pink semi-double forms huge cupped blooms that remain elegant and graceful in spite of the size; short plant, almost dwarf, reaches a height of 28 inches and makes it ideal for the front of a border; neat row of yellow stamens at the center has pollen that is slightly fertile.
  • Luxuriant

    (Anderson 1986) Pink buds open to a creamy lavender semi-double flower with an exotic maroon interior deep within the broad wide petals; height to 36 inches and 44 inches wide; originator's stock.
  • Langley

    (Bockstoce 1955) A lovely vivid pink double that blooms early and into the early midseason; some golden stamens peek through the petals making the flowers even more distinct; height to 30 inches with strong stems that keep the flowers aloft.
    (Franklin 1931) Deep rose pink double about 8 inches wide opens late; heavy blooms packed with petals also pack a delicious fragrance; must have full sun in our Pacific Northwest climate; tall stems to 36 inches.
  • (Hollingsworth 1984) Pink and cream yellow Japanese anemone to loose double form; warm pink guard petals surround a center of large, cream yellow petaloids; on mature plants a great deal of spectacular feathering can occur in the center with many pink petals springing out; sidebuds extend flowering; about 36" tall.
  • (Dessert 1905) One of the most vigorous and fragrant antique singles; the color is a deep rose pink that silvers at the petal edges; blooms last a long time in the garden; the name means "tinsel", as on a Christmas tree, rarely available.
  • (Thurlow 1918) Very large bright rose pink paling with age; color is a bit darker in the deep cupped center; height 36 to 42 inches so likely to need support; the large flowers are compared to Therese; rich spicy fragrance; seldom available.
  • (Saunders 1942) Warm peachy rose pink semi-double with large upright petals that occasionally open flat; an elegant classic peony that always makes an outstanding presentation with flower and plant habit in perfect proportion; strong, erect stems unlikely to need support.