• Athena

    (Saunders 1955) White single with a golden ivory sheen, a quadruple hybrid,  with bright raspberry red flares on the inside of each petal; golden stamens surround bright green carpels with rosy pink tips; a masterpiece for the early garden; slightly fragrant; 30 inches tall; stands without support.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • (Roy G. Klehm 1998) The large rounded guard petals surround a ball form of loosened white petals with a soft touch of creamy pink to the buds and opening flower; reliable bloomer with a lovely fragrance; height to 32 inches; strong stems usually don’t need support; excellent cut flowers.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • (Bigger 1961) Large fluffy white double has loose petals with blushing pink tints and vivid random splashes of red that become more prominent as the blossom opens; vigorous grower about 30 inches tall.  
  • (Roy Klehm 1973) In our opinion, the most spectacular of the Cheddar series; a large Imperial with an explosion of intensely yellow petaloids that often balloon into huge double bombs of white and butter yellow; plant height about 32 inches; midseason bloomer that’s very fragrant; stake it.
    Available in pots at the nursery.    
  • (White/Wild 1954) Large pale yellow to ivory single filled with a mass of buttery yellow stamens; a bright flower, crinkled and rounded at the petal edges; height to  28 inches;  the carpels have showy pink tips; a hybrid from mlokosewitschii.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • (Roy Klehm 1991) An exciting white, even though there are many whites, with flowers that can reach 7 inches wide on a robust 36” plant.   The buds start out beige but turn soft creamy white as they open into their magnificent high crown rose form; stands erect on firm thick stems; sweet, strong fragrance.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • (Cousins 1972 Canada)  Regarded as a peony masterpiece, this immense early double white has  blooms up to 10 inches with buds the size of tennis balls; holds a peach pink glow in the inner petals; 33.5 inches in height; lightly scented; rare; limited.
  • Erma

    (Leighton 1954) A rare and unique white single that opens with a slight blush; the flower has seven petals spaced apart; the effect is extraordinary, like a fan of long feathers around a filigree of golden stamens; light, sweet fragrance; the full name is actually Ermenegilda Mantegna.
  • Luxuriant

    (Anderson 1986) Pink buds open to a creamy lavender semi-double flower with an exotic maroon interior deep within the broad wide petals; height to 36 inches and 44 inches wide; originator's stock.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • (Calot 1869) Large creamy white double blooms on a dwarf plant, about 24 to 26 inches in height to top of foliage, then 30 inches to top of flowers; form of flower is globular, eventually pure white, with a few yellow stamens and staminodes deep in the collar;  sometimes there’s a trace of crimson on a few of the petal edges; delicious fragrance.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • (Roy Klehm 1986) Superb creamy white double with flowers 8 inches wide on a short plant about 28 inches tall; an abundance of blooms in the mid to late seasons with a moderate spicy fragrance; layers of billowing petals comparable to Moonstone and Moon River.
    Available in pots at the nursery.    
  • Moonrise

    (Saunders 1949) Large pale yellow to ivory petals surround a cluster of golden stamens and olive carpels tipped ivory; flower width about 10 inches; deep green, wide foliage; height can vary, some plants here have reached about 42 inches.
  • Vogue

    ( Hoogendorn, 1949) A delightful loose double with exceptionally large (12-14") flowers held well above the foliage; opens a softest blush pink, slowly changing to white with silvery outer petals bent downward and outward; very floriferous; flecks of carmine on some of the central petals add interest; height 38 inches or more; good for cut flowers.
  • (Gilbert H. Wild & Son 1968) White and yellow anemone to bomb form; 5-6" flowers with narrower petals filling the center, mixed with tawny petalodes; many strong stems to 32 inches; sets seeds.
  • (Olson 1959) Amalia Olson has received the 2011 Gold Medal from the American Peony Society and achieved Peony of the Year in 2012 not only for its pure white beauty and charm, but for over half a century of superior performance; the medium to large flowers have very strong stems, heavy substance, sublime fragrance, and stand up to wet weather with petals that drain rainwater away; one of the finest peonies for any purpose: for the border, for cutting and for exhibition; lasts well when cut.
    Available in pots at the nursery.    
  • Alerti

    (Holland) A recent development in Holland that is very popular there as a cut flower; pale pink then changing to white; compact bush about 28- to 30-inches tall with a very pleasing fragrance.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • (Saunders 1950) Emerging very early in spring,  this gigantic macrophylla hybrid with its wide spinach-like green leaves forms a spectacular plant that is gorgeous throughout the season and into fall; about 4 to 5 ft. wide by 34 inches tall; large buds open into immense single flowers of pure white with a tuft of golden staminodes in the center surrounding carpels with red stigmas at the tip.  Rare.  
  • (Klehm 1963) Creamy white bowl-shaped double flowers that an measure 9-1/2 inches across; hidden golden stamens tucked in the petals; strong stems and outstanding deep green foliage; strong stems to 32 inches in height; staking suggested.  
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • (Krekler/Roy Klehm 2002) Dahlia style blooms sport a unpredictable mix of cream, white and rose; three to four buds per stem; strong stems to 24 inches; slight fragrance; a peony with a different attitude, that's for sure.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • (Roy Klehm 1958) Ivory white double bomb framed by wide white guard petals; graceful and elegant form; vigorous growth with strong stems to 34 inches in height.
    Available in pots at the nursery.  
  • (Anderson 1981) White double with red striping in pleasing peppermint candy combination; a tall vigorous plant that looks good and blooms well even the most difficult seasons; height 36 to 38 inches; long strong stems each topped with medium size flowers; superb cut flower.  
  • (Roy Klehm 1985) A showy Japanese peony that combines white and gold into an exciting double-like mass of fluff and frills; double row of petals surround the pom pom of golden staminodes, while contrasting white petaloids bloom out of the pom pom; 36 inches tall.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • (Roy Klehm 1980) Pure white semi-double to fully double with sprinkling of  white petaloids appearing out of the golden center; strong stems about 28 inches in height and a reliable bloomer; produces pollen and seeds.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • (Anderson 1986) (Intersectional) Large flowers with frilly white petals and deep lavender burgundy flares; the contrast between them becomes more vivid as the bloom remains open; one of few Itohs with this stunning rockii coloration.   Available in the fall.  
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