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  • (Daphnis) Semi double flowers of bright lavender pink that goes a touch deeper at the center; the petals are symmetrical presenting a flower of perfect form; all the flowers are held high above the glossy green foliage so you can see all of them at a glance; a heavy bloomer presenting a delightful stance in the border; 30" or more
    (Japan) This enormous lavender lilac suffucticosa is a semi-double with dramatic deep black purple flares that highlight the petal base; vigorous upright growing plant to more than 5 ft.; hardy like a rockii and a prolific bloomer.


    (Daphnis) Redon is unusual in that each plant bears flowers of two distinct colors--some will be pale pink suffused with cream and yellow, while others will be peach; a rare plant and one of the largest tree peony flowers averaging about 10 inches or more, carried well above a short plant about 30 inches; in our experience the blooms are moderately pendant and excessively gorgeous; a few divisions from mature plants.


    A large dusty rose pink single flower with pale yellow undertones and deep rose veins; crinkled petals add texture; height from 3 to 5 feet with a spread from 3 to 4 feet, very hardy; large divisions from mature plant.