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  • Moonrise

    (Saunders 1949) Large pale yellow to ivory petals surround a cluster of golden stamens and olive carpels tipped ivory; flower width about 10 inches; deep green, wide foliage; height can vary, some plants here have reached about 42 inches.
  • (Saunders 1941) The shoots emerge in spring a unique shining yellow chartreuse color burnished with red bronze; as the foliage unfurls the plant becomes lime green; the flower is a fiery cherry scarlet single to semi-double with a small tuft of stamens in the center;    
  • (Reath 1979) Vivid salmon pink semi-double; keeps its color in our cooler climate, but may fade to a creamy sheen in prolonged hot sunshine; a seedling of 'Paula Fay' x 'Moonrise' that itself sets seeds; slow to propagate and very limited.
    Available also in pots at the nursery.
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