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  • (Wissing 1964) Large semi-double salmon coral pink, like Coral Charm but a fuller flower with a little deeper salmon at its peak, then still beautiful in all its delightful stages of fading; tall at 36 inches more.
  • (Hollingsworth 1984) Pink and cream yellow Japanese anemone to loose double form; warm pink guard petals surround a center of large, cream yellow petaloids; on mature plants a great deal of spectacular feathering can occur in the center with many pink petals springing out; sidebuds extend flowering; about 36" tall.
  • (David L. Reath 1992) A brilliant orange red semi-double with large silken petals; the 3 or 4 rows of petals are ruffled and fluffy which makes the flower look more double; very fertile as a pod and pollen parent; height to 36 inches; a vigorous grower and prolific bloomer that puts on an awesome display in the early midseason; The Mackinaw Grand is a famous resort hotel in upper Michigan.
  • (Roy G. Klehm 1988) Elegant pure white double bomb with wide, rounded guard petals; lush dark green foliage sets off these lovely scented blooms; strong stems to 32 inches.  
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