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  • (Hollingsworth 1992) (Intersectional) Medium-size to large flowers of clear yellow with a large dark purple red flares at the base; vigorous plant about 26" to 30" tall forms a substantial bush with attractive light green foliage; dependable bloomer.
  • (Bigger 1946) Large double bomb, built high into a mound of loose petals, opens creamy pink then turns snow white; deep inside there's an inner glow of yellow; occasional red edges on a few of the central petals; the 34 inch stems are strong, but with so many big flowers plan some support.
  • (Anderson 1999) Semi-double to double very soft creamy yellow flowers have a carnation shape and are on long stems carried well above the foliage; apricot hues emanate from the center;  light fragrance; forms a mound 28 inches tall.
  • (Cauderon) This French semi-double to single hybrid is a brilliant lavender pink going towards purple; large round and ruffled petals surround a small boss of stamens; the few carpels within are tipped red; the plant is about 32 inches tall with a robust output of stems and blooms, the latter which last a long time in a garden protected from hot afternoon sun; fertility unknown.
    (Seidel 1989) Pastel creamy-pink double with stamens interspersed; a landmark peony that is, among the hybridizers, changing the course of history for peonies, as many progeny are already introduced or in the works; fertile both ways;  30 inches plant height with semi-glossy foliage.
    (Japan) This enormous lavender lilac suffucticosa is a semi-double with dramatic deep black purple flares that highlight the petal base; vigorous upright growing plant to more than 5 ft.; hardy like a rockii and a prolific bloomer.
  • (Kriek 1955) Showy bright deep magenta double with dense, fluffy petals; strong stems to 34 inches, vigorous growth and an abundance of large blooms; might need some support; one of the best for cut flowers.
  • Alerti

    (Holland) A recent development in Holland that is very popular there as a cut flower; pale pink then changing to white; compact bush about 28- to 30-inches tall with a very pleasing fragrance.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • (Roy Pehrson's Best Yellow 1982)  Large soft, but true yellow single flower with good, solid substance; a medium height plant with strong stems and dark green foliage; usually some side buds; vigorous grower.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • Ming Joy

    (Krekler 1978) Very desirable glossy dark red that carries a black sheen over the dark petals; loosely built 5-inch flower with a few golden stamens showing through; strong stems 30 inches tall with splendid foliage; well regarded as a cut flower.
  • (Roy G. Klehm) Fully double hot, hot pink jazzed up with crinkled, crepy and curled petals; large flowers lightly scented stand on stiff stems; 36 inches tall with a spread of about 3 feet.
  • (Roy G. Klehm 1985)  A favorite pink double of rich rose edged a little lighter to silvery pink at the petal edges; a few central petals may show crimson edges; the plants are very robust and floriferous.
  • (Wild 1962) A huge dark ruby red bomb type flower with loose, billowing petals that have somewhat of a ragged edge; an unusual look for so big a flower; strong stems and good foliage; photo shows 3 flowers on a stem.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • (Bigger 1975) An APS Gold Medal winner in 2012, this 30 inch single dark red brings a cheerful beacon to your garden; plant a threesome for a bigger bouquet.
  • (Cousins-Bigger 1975) Huge double coral rose-red bomb with a soft, musky fragrance; gives a unique color to your garden that varies in intensity as the blooms age; height to about 30 inches; staking helps keep the heavy blooms and slightly winding stems upright.
  • (Carl. G. Klehm 1973) Tall, strong stems and massive, yet exquisite blooms make this giant a standout among pink peonies;  full and fluffy soft cameo pink flowers 8 to 10 inches wide stay upright over the foliage; APS Gold Medal winner in 1994.
  • (Roy G. Klehm 1998) The large rounded guard petals surround a ball form of loosened white petals with a soft touch of creamy pink to the buds and opening flower; reliable bloomer with a lovely fragrance; height to 32 inches; strong stems usually don’t need support; excellent cut flowers.
  • Sweet 16

    (Roy G. Klehm) Creamy blend of ivory white and soft pink petals form a center ball surrounded by wide soft pink guard petals; height to 28 inches; excellent cut flower with a light pleasing scent.
    Available in pots at the nursery.    
  • (Auten 1962) Intense ruby red double, an anemone bomb, with so deep a coloration it could be taken for black; flowers are 5 inches or more on stems to 34 inches; superb cut flower and showy garden specimen; light fragrance; seeds fertile; reliable, prolific bloomer.
  • Luxuriant

    (Anderson 1986) Pink buds open to a creamy lavender semi-double flower with an exotic maroon interior deep within the broad wide petals; height to 36 inches and 44 inches wide; originator's stock.
  • (Saunders/Reath 1991)This semi-double hybrid came to us as seedling 16350F2 many years before we learned it had been named; it is a tall plant (36" to 40") with wide leaves and produces large and lavish pale pink flowers that are so full they look almost double; it's fertile both ways and produces heavy seed pods.
  • (Roy Klehm 2000) Large cream to blush double with an intriguing center of somewhat crumpled petals; two to four buds per stem, which reach 30 inches in height; pink buds and then enticingly fragrant blooms show from mid to late season.
  • (Roy Klehm 1986) Superb creamy white double with flowers 8 inches wide on a short plant about 28 inches tall; an abundance of blooms in the mid to late seasons with a moderate spicy fragrance; layers of billowing petals comparable to Moonstone and Moon River.
  • Vogue

    ( Hoogendorn, 1949) A delightful loose double with exceptionally large (12-14") flowers held well above the foliage; opens a softest blush pink, slowly changing to white with silvery outer petals bent downward and outward; very floriferous; flecks of carmine on some of the central petals add interest; height 38 inches or more; good for cut flowers.