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  • (Mann-Van Steen 1936) Large blush double opens to pure white with occasional subtle red flecking, paling out as bloom matures, soft golden aura radiates from the crown; 32 inches; rich peony fragrance.
  • (Dessert 1905) One of the most vigorous and fragrant antique singles; the color is a deep rose pink that silvers at the petal edges; blooms last a long time in the garden; the name means "tinsel", as on a Christmas tree, rarely available.
  • Sunny Boy

    (Chris Laning 1985) Full double medium yellow with purple red flares at the petal base; a hybridizer’s peony because it sets seeds and has effective pollen; slow growing.
  • (Itoh-Smirinow 1974) Brilliant yellow semi-double to full double with occasional red flaring at the base of the petals; thick, full petaled blooms up to 8 inches on a plant about 24 inches; excellent for cutting, but on the plant blooms tend to hang, so you might have to part foliage to see them in their entirety
  • (Seidl/Simmons 2015) This yellow herbaceous hybrid from New Zealand is a coming attraction and may well become the queen of yellows as it is populates gardens in the US; the flower is 6.5 inches in diameter with many other attributes: stands well against wind/ no staking even in the rain; productive bloomer for cut flowers and healthy growth habits; height 32 inches; just a few.
  • (Hollingsworth 1996) Massive buds open to large cardinal red flowers up to 9 inches in diameter when bloomed in a vase; vigorous, medium height plant with occasionally crooked stems that can easily be screened by other plants in the foreground; Grand Champion in 1998.
  • Carina

    (Saunders 1944) Large brilliant scarlet red petals form single to semi-double flowers with a small yellow center; vigorous grower, prolific bloomer makes magnificent globe shaped flowers dazzling in a vase; blooms midseason.
  • (Nicholls 1941) Distinctive glowing deep red Japanese with center staminodes, while tipped gold, are the same color as the petals; abundant bloom are large on tall stems 36 inches or more, but stems stand erect without support.