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  • The Fawn

    (Wright) One of the best examples of the double bomb form, but with a unique attraction;  look closely at the vivid pink petals and you'll see each one of them are spotted and streaked with hundreds of pin points of soft rose creating a subtle stippled effect throughout; height to 34 inches with strong stems that need no support.
  • Tom Cat

    (Krekler-Klehm 2000) Vivid carmine red Imperial flecked throughout with creamy white and carmine petaloids; large impressive flowers, two or three buds per stem; plant height to 26 inches.
    Available also in pots at the nursery.
  • (Krekler 1965) Stunning Imperial that really puts on a show; large round rose pink guard petals surround a vivacious center of yellow, orange and rose pink staminodes, spiked with tufts of pink petaloids.
    Available also in pots at the nursery.
  • (Klehm 1968) Wide ivory guard petals surround a center ball of canary yellow highlighted with light pink petaloids sprouting from the top; light fragrance; a fine cut flower and a garden showpiece; plant height to about 26 inches.
    Available also in pots at the nursery.
  • (Dessert 1910) Saunders said "At its best Tourangelle is one the most beautiful peonies"; an apple blossom pink semi-double to double, about 4-1/2 to 5 inches, that richly combines light pink and cream; sometimes an entire bouquet of blooms cluster on one stem; support is necessary.
    Available also in pots at the nursery.
  • (Pehrson/Sidel 1989) (Intersectional) Soft, light greenish yellow intersectional hybrid; robust, upright stems hold 8 inch flowers above the foliage; excellent performer with long lasting blooms; choice.
  • (Krekler 1958) Dark burgundy red guard petals surround a mass of same color staminodes that are tipped with yellow gold; compact grower to about 34 inches; staking usually not necessary.
    (Auten 1931) Large double with an exquisitely pearly white sheen; bloom 5 to 6 inches wide; guard petals surround a full center of same color serrated petals; a few petals in the center may have crimson edges; needs support in wet weather; plant about 32 inches tall; good for cutting.
  • (Winchell 1956) One of the most desirable of the bi-color peonies; the guard petals of deep burgundy red surround a center of white and creamy yellow staminodes; medium size flowers; good bloomer superb for cut flowers; strong stems about 32 inches have never needed staking here; American Peony Society Gold Medal Winner.
    Available also in pots at the nursery.
  • (Karpow-Lipski 1977) A pink Japanese flower similar to Bowl of Beauty, but a shorter and not so large flower; a compact grower with many side buds and extremely floriforous; appealing as both a landscape flower and cut flower.
    Available also in pots at the nursery.  
  • Amabilis

    (Calot 1856) A large fuchsia pink double with wide guard petals and a fluffy center; petaloids of paler pink in the center are interspersed with the other petals; about 33 inches tall; one of the last to bloom.  
  • ( Dessert & Méchin 1890) For over a hundred years this fine purple red peony has been very popular, very widely grown and very well regarded as a great cut flower and garden specimen; the color is deep and lustrous, more so than in the photo here; some yellow stamens may show between the petals; strong stems with foliage tinged red in fall; a feast for the eyes, but perhaps not for the nose.
    Available also in pots at the nursery.
  • Probably no other red peony matches the warm, glowing cardinal red of this treasure; maintains its intense color throughout the bloom; cup-shaped semi-double will be a robust bloomer in your garden; 24 inches or more; outstanding in every respect, rarely available.
    Rare and choice; large rose form blush starts with a pale pink cast and fades to white, while crown retains light pink; center petals are edged with crimson; an incomparable classic beauty with fragrance to match; height to 36 inches; robust grower and prolific bloomer.
  • (Anderson 1986) (Intersectional) A strong plant of symmetrical form supporting large semi-double lemon yellow flowers with a lemon fragrance. Blooms to 9 inches or more on established plants.
    Available in pots at the nursery.