• (Wild 1962) A huge dark ruby red bomb type flower with loose, billowing petals that have somewhat of a ragged edge; an unusual look for so big a flower; strong stems and good foliage; photo shows 3 flowers on a stem.  
  • (Saunders/Reath 1991)This semi-double hybrid came to us as seedling 16350F2 many years before we learned it had been named; it is a tall plant (36" to 40") with wide leaves and produces large and lavish pale pink flowers that are so full they look almost double; it's fertile both ways and produces heavy seed pods.
  • (Tischler 1987) 4 to 5 inch bright pink anemone type peonies with same color guard petals are perfect for a small garden or border or even to try in a patio pot; heavy bloomer merely 24 inches tall with strong, straight stems; slightly fragrant.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • (Roy G. Klehm 1998) The large rounded guard petals surround a ball form of loosened white petals with a soft touch of creamy pink to the buds and opening flower; reliable bloomer with a lovely fragrance; height to 32 inches; strong stems usually don’t need support; excellent cut flowers.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • (Cousins 1972 Canada)  Regarded as a peony masterpiece, this immense early double white has  blooms up to 10 inches with buds the size of tennis balls; holds a peach pink glow in the inner petals; 33.5 inches in height; lightly scented; rare; limited.
  • (Tischler 1967) A bright, deep fuchsia pink rose form peony that creates a spectacle atop its 40 inch stems; side buds form a cluster of lusciousness and beauty like no other peony; strong stems but support helps, especially when it rains; buds the size of golf balls; light fragrance; awesome Elsie!
    (Simmons 2015)  From New Zealand comes this treasure with large full double blooms at least 8 inches in width; soft warm pink matures to white and emits a lovely fresh fragrance; a traditional look but with spreading growth habit that may require some support even though the 32 inch stems are thick and strong.
  • (Kelsey 1936) Stunning Japanese light pink and bright yellow; large guard petals surround the neon yellow staminodium; usually the pink petaloids will feather out so fully, the blooms will look fully double, while another bloom on the same stem will simply show the yellow center. Strong grower and reliable bloomer with pleasant fragrance; plant height to about 36”; limited; rarely available.
  • Heritage

    (Saunders 1950) Large brilliant red rose form bomb with tall, thick stems to 40 inches in height; often semi-double; wide glossy foliage; one of most magnificent of the Saunders lobata hybrids, with no purple overtones; the plant is tall and wide, so give it room.
  • Jacorma

    (DeVroomen Nederland 1969) Bred in the Netherlands, this bright rose pink double peony extends the late bloom season being one of the last if not the very last to flower.  Even so it opens reliably, blooms prolifically. The large flowers are held up very well on sturdy 32-inch stems and, unless it's raining everyday, may not need staking. Very resistant to the leaf spotting and very easy to grow; fragrant.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • (Bigger, 1942) Full double in a lovely shade of lavender pink; large blooms, slightly fragrant, open up to 8 inches wide and make excellent cut flowers; plant height about 30 inches; APS Gold Medal winner 1957.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • Lois

    (Sass 1941) One the earliest double bombs to bloom; lovely shade of medium pink with lavender tones; plant height to 26 inches with strong stems; pleasant fragrance.
    (Roy Klehm 1999) This soft pink double resembles a good looking camillia; plant height 26 inches, blooms 5-1/2 inches, one bud per stem; a delicate-looking but good substance flower with fragrance, pollen and seeds; blooms midseason.
    Available in pots at the nursery.  
  • (Brand 1907) Huge bright cupped rose pink double often 8 to 10 inches wide with shading to silvery pink at the petal edges; tall stems to 36 inches with flowers held well above the foliage; lovely old rose fragrance.  
  • (Roy Klehm 1986) Superb creamy white double with flowers 8 inches wide on a short plant about 28 inches tall; an abundance of blooms in the mid to late seasons with a moderate spicy fragrance; layers of billowing petals comparable to Moonstone and Moon River.
    Available in pots at the nursery.    
  • (Brand 1937)  Blush pink buds open large cupped shaped double flowers of creamy pink, with deeper pink touches randomly appearing throughout the petals; height to 34 inches; limited.
  • (Carl. G. Klehm 1973) Tall, strong stems and massive, yet exquisite blooms make this giant a standout among pink peonies;  full and fluffy soft cameo pink flowers 8 to 10 inches wide stay upright over the foliage; APS Gold Medal winner in 1994. Ready in fall.
  • (Roy G. Klehm 1981) Large semi-double coral pink that shows more pink than the other corals; cream carpels and yellow stamens peek through the center; fades to a beautiful shade of pale coral cream; abundant blooms with a mild fragrance; vigorous with tall stems about 38 inches; APS Gold Medal winner in 2000.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • (Roy G. Klehm) Fully double hot, hot pink jazzed up with crinkled, crepy and curled petals; large flowers lightly scented stand on stiff stems; 36 inches tall with a spread of about 3 feet.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • (Krekler-Klehm 1996) Elegant and lightly scented deep burgundy red Japanesel with a wine red mass of staminodes in the center; a dark exotic bloom to mix with your cut flowers; height about 30 inches.
  • (Brand 1932) Intriguing Japanese variety has broad soft creamy rose guard petals that surround a large ball of brilliant red staminodes; overall a fragrant blend  of red, rose, light and dark pink; medium height; Brand writes in 1977 catalog, “When the flower is cut in bud and developed inside, the result is simply marvelous.”
    Available in pots at the nursery.
  • (David L. Reath 1992) A brilliant orange red semi-double with large silken petals; the 3 or 4 rows of petals are ruffled and fluffy which makes the flower look more double; very fertile as a pod and pollen parent; height to 36 inches; a vigorous grower and prolific bloomer that puts on an awesome display in the early midseason; The Mackinaw Grand is a famous resort hotel in upper Michigan.
  • (Krekler/R.G. Klehm 1999)   Light salmon pink guard petals surround a large well packed center of creamy yellow petaloids that turns to creamy salmon; the beautiful bomb flowers are 6 inches or more;  36 inch stems have four buds each.
  • Vogue

    ( Hoogendorn, 1949) A delightful loose double with exceptionally large (12-14") flowers held well above the foliage; opens a softest blush pink, slowly changing to white with silvery outer petals bent downward and outward; very floriferous; flecks of carmine on some of the central petals add interest; height 38 inches or more; good for cut flowers.
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