• (Bigger 1966) Immense pink double bomb sits atop a ring of wide bright pink guard petals; center mass of petaloids are contrasting light pink, cream and white; sparkling in the garden or as a cut flower; plant height about 36 inches.
  • (Doriat 1924) A lovely globe of loose petals is surrounded by large guard petals the same color; a deep rich crimson with touch of brown; excellent in the garden and as a cut flower; mild fragrance.
  • (Bigger 1940) Large double dark pink flowers, packed with petals; strong stems to 36 inches in height; prolific grower and bloomer that thrives with little care; long lasting cut flowers.
    Available also in pots at the nursery.
  • (Klehm, before 1975) Soft cameo pink double bomb with flaring guard petals; some of the petals have deeper pink highlights and hairline red edges; about 32 inches tall; pleasant fragrance.
    Available in pots at the nursery.
    (Rivière 1908) A voluptuous and distinctive mass of petaloids in the center go from pale pink to lemon yellow within a surrounding row of pale translucent pink guard petals; strong erect stems to 36 inches hold the 5 inch flowers well above the foliage; a great old French peony still young and beautiful.
    (Crousse 1892) Pale satiny salmon-pink to coral-pink, turning and holding a rich blush coloration that seems translucent;  globular bomb type flower with wide guard petals; the flowers are large and bloom in clusters; mild spice scented;  34 inches tall and a reliable bloomer.
    (Brand 1937)  Blush pink buds open large cupped shaped double flowers of creamy pink, with deeper pink touches randomly appearing throughout the petals; height to 34 inches.
  • Ming Joy

    (Krekler 1978) Very desirable glossy dark red that carries a black sheen over the dark petals; loosely built 5-inch flower with a few golden stamens showing through; strong stems 30 inches tall with splendid foliage; well regarded as a cut flower.
  • (Roy G. Klehm) Fully double hot, hot pink jazzed up with crinkled, crepy and curled petals; large flowers lightly scented stand on stiff stems; 36 inches tall with a spread of about 3 feet.
  • (Wild 1962) A huge dark ruby red bomb type flower with loose, billowing petals that have somewhat of a ragged edge; an unusual look for so big a flower; strong stems and good foliage; photo shows 3 flowers on a stem.
    (Cousins-Bigger 1975) Huge double coral rose-red bomb with a soft, musky fragrance; gives a unique color to your garden that varies in intensity as the blooms age; height to about 30 inches; staking helps keep the heavy blooms and slightly winding stems upright.
    (Carl. G. Klehm 1973) Tall, strong stems and massive, yet exquisite blooms make this giant a standout among pink peonies;  full and fluffy soft cameo pink flowers 8 to 10 inches wide stay upright over the foliage; APS Gold Medal winner in 1994.